I am nature.

I am nature. And as nature, I feel beautiful, positive and abundant. When I am in that natural state (which I manage to be in, more and more), I hear the birds, the waves, the wind with a certain crispness and clarity, feel the sunshine on my skin and the warmth it brings, and when it’s raining, I sometimes just become that rain!

From this state of oneness, everything seems possible – you meet conscious people, engage in hopeful stories, see positive changes in conservation and environment, invite enlightened teachers into your life, and the world is such a beautiful place.

There is a call, need and hunger in me to `be the change I want to see’ and that single thought and that genuine drive, allows me to interact with life differently.

We hear television news, read the newspaper, glance through Facebook updates, and it’s almost like – the more we engage our senses in `bad or unhappy news’, the more they seem to come to us with a force larger than ever before.

And yet in the last 3 years, as I have made a conscious decision to search for `happy’ news – something that brought about a remarkable shift in thinking somewhere, some project that led to a wonderful impact, expressed a desire to meet pioneers in the field of environment and sustainable design who can share their success stories and build `hope’ in me, I have them all coming into my life with a force that makes me feel blessed.

I am extremely grateful that life brought about this change in my thinking, and I am equally grateful that I have a digital platform that would possibly allow me to share good things happening in the field of conservation, in the field of environment, in the field of sustainability, basically related to different people doing their bit for the Earth, and therefore directly working towards ensuring the human species does not get selected out from nature.

Why Little Brown Jobs? The phrase inspired by Gerald Durrell, who said that his life is dedicated to preservation of wildlife, especially the less glamorous kinds, the `little brown jobs’ and `small uglies’.

So, Little Brown Jobs is a platform to share the less glamorous work happening in these fields that need to be preserved and celebrated- inspiring news, positive news, hopeful news, news that allows us to feel good when we read them, and above all to pay my humble tribute to all the several souls who are engaged in their `little brown job’ and are never spoken about. Stories that can wire us positively, inspire us to care and share the `Little Brown Jobs’ that people continue to do, irrespective of their challenges and obstacles.

In reading them, we can ask ourselves, “what can be the little brown job I take up?” OR simply still – break into a smile and feel good deep within.



17 thoughts on “I am nature.

  1. Congrats & all the very best dear anjan!!! I know how passionate you are about this. Keep it going! Will follow… 😘👍


  2. Wow!! Thank u little brown jobs. For the awareness and realisation u getting in us!!
    We shall follow you and spread!!!!!


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