“Three Things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”- Buddha

It’s not difficult for days to go rolling by. The Earth rotates, there is day and night, and before you know January has become June and June has turned into December. The moments that add up to all of this feels like it is slipping away, either into the patterns of the past or the angst of the future.

kayakRight in the midst of these moments are flashes when WHAT the heart desires, HOW we wish to express it, and the SPACE in which we are expressing it all comes together – our Eureka moment of Being. Maybe its through asserting your voice on an issue, maybe volunteering for a few days for a social cause, maybe that poem that was waiting to take birth even as you worked, cooked, travelled, held meetings and nurtured your young ones, maybe it’s that photography workshop you became a part of that allowed you to capture that moment where the ‘click’ and you aligned at the right time in space, maybe it is a FB post that just burst out because you really cared about something, maybe it was a hug you gave your loved one after being away for a while, maybe it was that letter of resignation that you handed over at your workplace to start on your new journey, maybe it was when you felt that this Earth holds more than you, and while most of its occupants might not speak the language you do, they sure do communicate if you only choose to listen. And then you spend your life, listening.

cave snorkellingHow life changing these moments are, is your story alone. To someone who was never allowed to express, saying `No’ could be that moment of Being. To someone who had never stepped out of their hometown, buying their first ticket could be the moment of Being. To someone whose only prison was the mind, letting go of everything to start something totally new could be the moment of Being.

How long we each choose to hold onto these moments decides whether they will always remain as `flashes’ or whether they change our Being forever. Both are fine. Both need courage. Both are growth towards embodying ourselves fully. What is important is, to acknowledge those moments when we truly express ourselves. Each time we acknowledge, we are letting ourselves know that we want more of it. Each time we take a pause to check how we felt at that point, we are letting ourselves know that there is potential in this action. Each time we pat our back when we show up fully, we are letting our soul know that we want more of this. Each time we pay attention, what we pay attention to, grows. Some call it the inner voice. Some call it the calling. Some call it magic or a miracle. Some even call it a form of awakening.

I call it the `Little Brown Job’ – many many many years ago, each time I immersed myself in a forest, hiked a beautiful path, climbed a mountain, dipped into the ocean, walked the beach, listened to other creatures, felt their moments of Being, my heart pounded with excitement. I paid attention to it. I told myself I love it. I communicated with my entire self that I absolutely love this Earth, and I feel blessed to be a part of it. I informed Life that it should workout a role for me soon where these moments or flashes are stretched and stretched so much, that my doing and being becomes one and the same.

iguana 2And here I am, immersed in learning about nature and life that surrounds us – embodying myself as wholly and completely as I can at this point but knowing fully well that because I continue to love it, nourish it and acknowledge it, how far I can stretch this `little brown job’ has no boundaries. It is as infinite as I want it to be. All I know is that the moment has become longer, my expression of it better, my everyday experience fuller.

When you find your moments of `Little Brown Job’, you know what to do…

You can start with a smile, a pat on your back, and let yourself know how much you love it. And if you are wondering, ‘Where is my Little Brown Job?’, please start paying attention. Remember it only begins as a small opening.


Thank you for reading. Share the post and may many of us keep stretching those beautiful moments.


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