“How could I look my grandchildren in the eye and say I knew what was happening to the world and did nothing” – David Attenborough

Ignorance is truly bliss. When you don’t know much about what is happening to the environment, how much of Nature is being destroyed everyday, how many development projects are getting cleared at the cost of losing several species, how rapidly we are losing all the other living beings with whom we share this Earth with, then while holidaying in any picturesque place, it is much easier to feel happy, click pictures, and return home like all is really well with the world.

And then there are people, so deeply connected to Nature and its organisms, that each time they are in a forest or ocean or mountains or anywhere, there is certainly immense gratefulness, bliss, joy and all of that, BUT there is also a sadness of how rapidly everything is being lost, where tears flow from this fusion – the joy of standing there, in that sacred space of Nature, and the pain of how quickly most of it is vanishing.

And yet, it is THIS very discomfort, fear, sadness, pain and challenge that ignites something within us to become stronger, courageous, and a force to reckon with, as we want to protect what is precious to us, under any circumstance. This restless energy gives birth to visions, visions give birth to actions, and actions give birth to movements, and movements give birth to transformation and transformations give birth to a new consciousness.

So each time you are out in Nature, and experience this sad-happy feeling, fear-faith feeling, weak-strong feeling, death-life feeling, remember there is something within you waiting to take birth. All births start tiny, and it is the nurturing and the nourishment that gives it arms and legs and wings too. Each time you feel that, write it down, stay with it, and ask what is that `little brown job’ you can do to honour what your body is communicating to you.

Image courtesy: youtube.com

After all, we are connected to every organism on this Earth directly or indirectly and each time this cord-of-connection is hurt anywhere, it tugs at all of us. Some are not aware because their mind is probably too busy and therefore do not feel the tug, but that does not mean there is no `tug’. Those who are well attuned, and move into silence regularly, can feel it.

They can feel it in the air, in the water, in the food, in their cells, in the stress one is experiencing as a species, and also in the dwindling absence of Nature around us.

This tug is becoming stronger, and so should our actions. After all, this Earth is our home, and if those who feel it strongly can actively participate to shake up those who aren’t yet feeling it, then together we can protect it, AND maybe all that sadness, all that discomfort, all that fear, all that restlessness actually has so much force and energy, that it can, transform all the unconscious acts happening around us.

As 2016 comes to an end, I salute everyone featured this year on my blog and the several more out there who instead of complaining, cribbing and depleting themselves and others, have converted it into a beautiful resource and are immersed in their `little brown jobs’, ensuring that each time they step into Nature, all Life can communicate to them because they listen, and because after listening, they take action.

In the many resolutions we make each New Year, there are certainly some that we keep.

Image courtesy: invermereyoga.com

I therefore ask – whenever you breathe and feel that particular ‘tug’ in your heart, please pause, reflect and participate in Life.

If life has chosen you to share, then you carry the capacity to act on it too.

Thank you for reading my posts this year, for the encouraging feedback, and above all for the connection we share.


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